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Buckeye Charlie

Surgery 8/3 front right leg

Buckeye Charlie

First Day Home !!!

August 5th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Charlie boy (almost 8 year old pit/lab mix) had his surgery in Medvet Columbus on Friday 8/3. It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make in our life, because just the night before he was out running at our favorite park ! It seemed so counterintuitive. BUT, as he was diagnosed with a grade 2 soft tissue sarcoma in August 2016 that was starting to cause him visible pain the last couple of months ……. with lots of research, input from his vets, and lots of support from the Tripawd community we decided after the all-clear on his tests that this was THE window to proceed with the amputation.

He ended up spending 2 nights at Medvet, which we thought was only going to be 1…… but we knew he was getting the good stuff there for his pain (stupid opioid crisis) and felt comfortable, especially being able to speak directly with the techs that were taking care of him.

From what I understand, and I know every situation is going to be different, there are 3 primary benchmarks?

– first 48 hours pain management and I initial shock

– first 2 weeks that he (and us) will be figuring out how to do the little things that came naturally while also making sure the incision heals properly and Charlie does not overdo it

– 10-12 weeks he should have good control of getting around and back to the things that made him happy before like making sure the squirrels in our yard know who the boss is!


We do have the Ruffwear harness on the way. Lots of rest and cuddles next few days.


Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  • ltmiles37

    Well, quick lesson learned. First bathroom trip out he saw the squirrels and birds and his alpha instinct kicked right in and he went to go after them. Gonna have to use same “clap and yelp” technique we use at night to scare the skunks away before we let him out next time!

  • jerry

    Good boy Charlie! Get well soon, you will be 100 pawcent before you know it.

    Yes, the schedule is about right but please keep in mind every situation, every dog is different. He may take longer or hopefully do it faster, but he’s his own dog so don’t get too down if you don’t think he is where he should be. Talk to your vet if you are concerned of course and definitely keep us posted.

    We’re sending lots of hugs & smooches to your handsome Tripawd!

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