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Buckeye Charlie

Surgery 8/3 front right leg

Buckeye Charlie

Day 8 questions and blues!

August 11th, 2018 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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  1. So, long first week as most have said on here. Pain management the first 3 days was definitely biggest thing. Could tell when the fentanyl patch wore off!!! The good- has been eating, drinking, going to the bathroom since we got home. Don’t wanna say the bad? But, yesterday definitely was different Charlie. Very lethargic, no pep at all, I think we all know the look in our pup’s eyes when they just aren’t feeling good. Took his temp twice last night, 102.8 and 102.5. Called both vets, regular and surgeon, this morning and we decided to do a couple things as other than the high? (Shame on me for not getting baseline prior to surgery), and the fact that his site looks ok still, we started him on doxycycline (he is 65 lbs, curious as to what others dosages have been?) and we are also staggering the gaba and tramadol now. Now that his pain seems a bit more manageable EASY FOR ME TO SAY says Charlie …… we aren’t going for that combined punch of both being given together.

Also, got him outside on porch this morning to hang out and get some fresh air. I walked him around the yard and he even played “stick” (not catch or running, just chewing). He definitely seems more alert today, just took his first doxycycline at 245pm, also took temp of 102 degrees even….. then sent him up with Mom to take a nap in the nice cool bedroom.

Hoping yesterday was just a crash day I have read so much about on here? We are going to give him just tram and carprofen with his dinner and save the gaba for later this evening.

Hoping/praying things will continue to improve until his follow up and hopeful suture removal on Thursday!!!!๐Ÿ™


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  • jerry

    Hey I’m happy to hear that you are working with your vet to manage his pain. Good job!

    But do stick to the prescribed time schedule and do not wait until the pain gets so bad that he shows signs of being in pain. When you do that, it makes it twice as hard to control the pain and bring it down to a manageable level.

    Also keep in mind that all dogs are different, so what one dog had as a pain medication dose may be entirely different for Charlie.

    This is such a big learning experience, you are doing great! Just stay in communication with your vet and if something doesn’t feel right, give them a call asap. Of course keep us posted too!

    • ltmiles37

      Thanks Jerry! He is still getting same amount of meds, just staggered out at different times. He has definitely improved from Friday, temp seems steady and is so far (knock on wood) not having any negative reaction from his antibiotic. The outside of his wound looks good, no redness….. and as far as puffiness it looks better than when he came home and the top where there is the most skin pushed together it looks more or less the same. The thing I am most concerned about now is there is some, about 1/2 inch wide by 4 or 5 inches long, the feeling of some hard buildup underneath his incision. He did have some mild sertomas the first 2 or 3 days that would usually drop down to his belly by the end of the day……. but after sleeping on his non wound side at night would be gone in the morning. So far today he had a good breakfast, a good bm, and is now laying in the sun (first we have seen in a few days).

      Thanks again, this site has been an incredible place for support and knowledge!

      • Leigh

        I am just now at day 8 with my little girl and itโ€™s seems the bruising is at the worst point? How was the bruising for your guy???? Pain seems to be ok, I just think the itching is driving her crazy at this point….

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